Revenant's Reach

Reclaim What's Yours

In the aftermath of a mysterious blight, a withered and forgotten warrior rises once again. He must confront those who betrayed him and the land itself to discover what he truly lost.

Unrelenting Action Platforming

The journey will not be easy. We’re making sure of that – but it will be fair. You’ll fail fast and fail often. So be prepared to test your skill in a relentless crucible of platforming hell.

Grapple Mechanics

Your Crescent Hook is a tool. It’s a weapon. It’s something you just instinctively remember how to use with deadly precision. Tether, swing, and slingshot through the physics-based challenges ahead.

Technical Combat

Modern fighting game mechanics blend with action RPG leveling. Like any good 2D fighter, be ready to guard, dodge, and quickly counterattack with your Crescent Hook.

Competitive Speedrunning

With online leaderboards and ghost-images of other players you can race against, Revenant’s Reach is built with speedrunners in mind! Do you have what it takes to become the TOP GHOST?

A Love Letter to The Classics

We’re inspired by literature, cinema…and, yes, some great classic games. Linear, stage-based progression encourages you to rerun levels. Otherwise, you may never learn the truth behind the Revenant. Or see the game’s true ending.

Rise With Us

Are you with us? We are a small indie squad making the game that we always wanted to play. We’ll be sharing more here, but would love to hear from you. Maybe you even want to check out early builds of what we’re doing! Click the links below and hang with us online!

Release Date and Platforms TBD

About Homunkulus

Homunkulus, a small brotherhood of nerds, lives in the past (and in the bucolic wilderness of Northern California). They love a good story, classic platformers, and picnics. Definitely picnics.

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